Artsy Benefit Auction for Grenfell Tower Families

Courtesy of Lucy Meakin Ltd
July 5, 2017

'Several of the best known UK artists have joined forces to donate works to an online auction to benefit the people affected by the Grenfell fire disaster. The auction will take place on Artsy the online platform from 18th July – 1st August 2017.


 Artists who have donated to the auction include; Charles Avery, Simon Periton, Ian Davenport, Michael Craig-Martin, Adam Fuss, Cornelia Parker, Peter Liversidge, Dexter Dalwood, David Batchelor, The Chapman Brothers, Tracey Emin, Maryam Eisler, Ryan Mosley, Dave White, Juergen Teller, Paul Morrison, Richard Deacon, Ann-Marie James, Fiona Banner, Mona Hatoum, Robert Violette, Gavin Turk, David Austen, Jessie Brennan and Darren Almond.


The idea was formed by Lucy Meakin, an art advisor, who once lived locally to the Tower in Notting Hill. After the fire broke out, the first people she called were former neighbours, one of whom described how they had lost a friend in the fire. It was then she decided to get a group of artist friends together to raise money for the people affected. Slowly the idea has grown and the sale will now have 25 artists contributing works to an online auction hosted by the art-buying website Artsy on July 18.


The auction will run for two weeks, and lots available include prints and multiples, as well as original works of art and photographs. The aim in each case has been to raise as much money as possible for those affected by the fire.' * The money raised will go directly to the London Community Foundation. In the coming weeks and months, they will be supporting residents of Grenfell Tower as they begin to resettle. They will structure a programme of longer term grants towards counselling, medical assistance and allowances for furniture and household items. For more information on the London Community Foundation, click here.


Dave White has donated the final edition number 30/30 of the Gold Leaf Tiger Edition. A silkscreen with 24 carat gold leaf background. Sales links and updates to follow, please check back for details. Register to bid via Artsy here 


*Text courtesy of Artlyst 



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