Aquatic Exhibition - London

14th November - 7th December
November 12, 2013

'Aquatic' a new exhibition of works on paper and limited editions opens at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London. 


Aquatic is a continuation of the Natural Selection series of works focusing on water and sea based life. The existence of such magnificent creatures seems bizarre and totally abstract in our day-to-day lives, where the information overload and sheer pace of everyday life, leave no room for thought that such magnificent beauty exists.  Fragility and incredible power are juxtaposed throughout this collection.


The dynamism, movement and presence is depicted through the spontaneous application giving a sense of life and animation, which is White’s signature style of fluid and expressive brushwork.


Camouflage, patination and the wonder of infinite pigmentation, which exists in the natural world, is depicted as pools of watercolour. Blended and fused  organically, offering a unique surface, this reflects the precious creatures which are depicted in a frozen moment in time. The inclusion of 24ct Gold Leaf and Pure Platinum leaf hand finishing on the larger edition prints not only offers an illusion of light, but enhances and embellishes the preciousness of life.


This collection like Natural Selection before it, forces the viewer to look and observe, re-engage and focus on the magnificence of natural life.


A catalogue is available, please contact with all enquiries.


You can view the works in the collection here 




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