4 - 28 November 2015



Loughran Gallery presents ‘CRITICAL’ a solo exhibition by British artist Dave White

at their latest Chelsea gallery at 43 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2TB.


Exploring the theme of critically endangered species, This new series logically follows on from

the sell out Natural Selection exhibition, focussing on wildlife whose existence is becoming

increasingly perilous in the natural world. White continues his unique homage to his subject

matter, executed in his trademark expressive style. Instantly recognisable, White’s work

presents opulent oil paintings with a stark sense of life, fragility, movement and emotional



The series of portraits and movement works, engages the viewer to question our environment

and our impact on life’s precarious equilibrium in the natural world, which is in danger of falling

beyond our reach. The works depict beauty and grace, where the powerful and fragile are

juxtaposed challenging the viewer. The exhibition will feature oils, watercolours and unique

limited editions.


All enquiries via Loughran Gallery