Skibo Castle Courtesy of Loughran Gallery

1 August 2020 - 31 December 2021

Courtesy of Loughran Gallery .... 


 Contemporary British artist Dave White has a major retrospective of his beloved Albion series, presented in the prestigious private members' club at Skibo Castle.


Taking its name from the oldest known name for the British Isles, Albion sees White explore the heritage and iconography of British wildlife in his dynamic signature style.


The collection features rare and previously unseen original oil paintings and exclusively released, limited-edition hand-finished artist proofs from sold-out editions, celebrating classic British species, both rare and common found, that have significant meaning to White.


White says: “My work attempts to capture the beauty, movement and life of endangered wildlife from around the world. While that journey continues on an international level, with the Albion collection I chose to pay homage to our very own subjects and threatened creatures that we take for granted.


“Now is the time to draw attention to our much-loved countryside... to celebrate it in all its glory, while making the viewer re-engage with the beauty that ever diminishes. It is a stark reality that species we take for granted will be gone in less than 30 years.”


As well as promoting vulnerable species, the major retrospective also sees White choose a venue that is close to his heart – Skibo Castle in the Northern Highlands. Widely regarded as one of Scotland’s best kept secrets, it is the former home of industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, whose influence on Liverpool was felt throughout White’s upbringing.


This latest Loughran Gallery residency will run until the end of the year at Skibo Castle.


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